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In case anyone really cares

My mood went from great to okay to terrible. All cause of Judy. She got all pissy at me cause I walked in from school with some food since I haven’t eaten in two days and a soda. here’s how it went:

"Well where’s Shelbie’s food?"

"I didn’t know Shelbie wanted anything…"

"Did you just call my daughter fat, you stupid whore?"

"What? No I just said that-"

"You’re a fucking fatass. You don’t even need that food."

"I think it’s dangerous to use your whole vocabulary in one sentence, Judy."

"Oh my god you’re such a fat person, now wonder no one likes you OR wants be friends with you!"


"I bet you were never even molested, you little liar."

(this is when shit hit the fan)

"Oh then tell me, oh wise fucking ugly slut, why do I still have nightmares about what happened huh?! Why can’t I look any guy older than 18 directly in the eye anymore?! AND WHY THE HELL DO I HAVE DEPRESSION AND POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER?! HUH ANSWER ME THAT YOU┬áIMPERTINENT,┬áIDLE-HEADED HARLOT!"

"I think you need to go to time out and learn some respect."

"I will fucking respect you when you give me a reason too, idiot."

And then I walked away and now I feel like shit. I knew with how smooth everything was going it wouldn’t last.

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