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I’m going to shoot myself. Wanna know what ‘going into town’ is for us now? Going to the fucking laundry matt. Across the street. Because we don’t have any money for bus fare to go into actual town. I’m half convinced just to walk until I die for something to do. My last non-shitty WiFi connection was six fucking weeks ago and my claustrophobia is setting in. Seriously all mom, Steve and I do is sit in the goddamned hotel room and watch fucking TV. And we always watch what MOM wants to watch, I’ve seen so many romance movies I’m thinking about stabbing myself. And fucking TLC. Someone please kill me NOW.

Some Bannerburg head canons

1) Willow once hacked into JARVIS and Tony’s computer system just to let Bruce know she loved him. Tony and Natasha have a pool going on how long it’ll take her to hack SHIELD’s mainframe.

2) Bruce has seen Willow go all crazy with the dark magicks, it’s not a rerun he wants to see.

3) Willow’s seen (and cleaned up after) drunk science. She’s using the video footage as leverage just in case.

4) Their running joke is they’re a messed up version of beauty and the beast.

5) Drunk hacking bros is a thing. Bruce has blackmail on Willow too. He’ll never use it though.

Never Let Go (Titanic AU 1/?)

Dick hummed as he looked at his cards. “Sorry to say guys but,” he laid down his cards, “Read ‘em and weep.” The other two guys groaned and he and Wally grabbed the tickets. “It’s been a real pleasure boys! But we got a boat to catch,” Wally said grinning. They ran to the ship with their bags laughing all the while.

Unbeknownst to either of them, they ran by someone that would change Dick’s life. The person, a woman named Willow stepped out and looked around. “See Willow? Grandest ship ever built.” Her green eyes trailed to her male companion. “Certainly the grandest I’ve seen Parker.”

"Naturally," a pause then Parker continued, "Let’s go aboard. It’ll be setting sail soon." Willow nodded and followed Parker aboard. "Your mother said she’d meet us in your cabin." "Of course she’d say that," Willow replied. She looked around. Well this is a very ornate ship, she thought as she walked to her room. She was pulled out of the way as Dick and Wally ran passed her. "Be careful."

As she and Parker walked into the room her mother was directing stewards. “No, put that next to the vanity.” Shelia looked at them. “Oh you’re here good.” The elder redhead motioned to the paintings stacked against the wall. “Why did you buy these monstrosities?” “Because mother,” Willow replied picking one up and admiring it, “looking at it is like looking in a dream.”

Parker scoffed. “What was the name of the poor sap who painted them anyway?” “Something Picasso,” was Willow’s response as she placed the paintings. “He won’t amount to much in the art world.” Willow chose to ignore that comment in favor of her current task. “Oh Parker, we need to speak about the wedding details.” “Of course.”


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Plot ideas/story ideas AKA I’M NOT DEAD BITCHES

Here’s a bunch of story/plot ideas that I can up with because I have no freaking internet and I’m bored.

Titanic AU, because I can finally watch this movie without crying the whole way through.
Friends AU, this needs to happen cause this is gold!
More Star Trek AU, only Willow is a CMO/Science officer.
Medieval/Arthurian AU, it’ll be fun!
Horror movie AU (Yes I know I have a Nightmare On Elm Street one due with Robin).
MORE HARRY POTTER AU THREADS, your choice of Slytherin student Willow or Potions Master Willow.
Romeo and Juliet AU, this one with more logical thinking and less stupidity.
Gods and Goddesses AU, this one needs more work.
8 Simple Rules for dating my teenage daughter AU, that show was so much better than it was given credit for.
Single Parents AU, ssssh this would totally work.

Wow, that’s a lot. I’m thinking too much…anyway message me if you want one or want to volunteer your muse for the story part. I’ll get to ya when I’m on interwebs next.

Okay so fyi I won’t continue the triplet ma until someone decides who the dad is. Btw she’s already given birth.

Oh joy tripletts.//open rp

Willow groaned and looked towards the kitchen. “Come on water.” She focused as the cup of water floated to her. “Aha!” She looked up as someone knocked. “It’s open!”

Anonymous asked: M!A: Pregnant with triplets. due in two hours legit time. have fun...

"Woah woah woah. What? I’d like to know who the heck the dad is!" Willow looked down before poof. "Frak."